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"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,

for, by doing that, some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

“Nobody gets into heaven

             without a [note] from the poor.”         

                                 Reverend James Forbes

Park Street Angels

A Calling to End Elder Homelessness

WCVB's "Chronicle", December, 2008 used with permission

The plight of the long-term homeless seems intractable. What could I possibly do about it? But what happens when homelessness becomes personal - when "the homeless" become "people we know"?

This is what happened to me when I came smile-to-smile with Bob Wright. For me, he is the face of elder homelessness.

Please take a few minutes to meet Bob, hear his story as well as mine. Consider the special needs of the Elder Homeless. Together, we uplift one another.

Before he was housed, “Homeless Bob” actually gave notes to his friends who helped him move from the street into Hearth’s assisted living facility.  

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