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Education. Empowerment. Engagement.


Since 1816, City Mission has dedicated itself to the needs of the most vulnerable in Boston and founded many of the city’s most lasting charitable institutions. Today, with our partners, City Mission reaches over 53,000 individuals annually. This work is made possible through City Mission’s coordination of suburban and urban partnerships. With roots that stretch back to 1816, City Mission remains a faith based organization and continues to be a vibrant organization with an overarching focus to prevent family homelessness. Underlying all of our work – direct service to families on the brink of homelessness, service learning programs that bring people together for cross ¬cultural learning and sharing, and our public advocacy centered on combatting poverty and its root causes – are our guiding principles of engagement, education and empowerment.

For more information, call 617.742.6830                                      website:


City Mission 
14 Beacon Street, Suite 203
Boston, MA 02108

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