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Life From The Milk Crate

“Click, Click – There’s no place like home!”


Bob Wright journaled about his life on the street – he wanted people to know first-hand about the experience of not having the basic necessities or the sense of belonging, of being alone in the world without consistent, secure shelter – indeed, of being forgotten.  Before he died he told me that I should be the one to keep his hand-written notes that he kept over so many years.  After his death, I received the note pads and have transcribed them into a journal for him, entitled “Life from the Milk Crate,” a description which was taken from his writings.  I’ve given the transcriptions to folks at Hearth to share as appropriate.  

One of the features in his journals was his yearly “Top 10 Birthday Wish List.”  He wished for simple things, not the least of which were respect, food and clothing, and always #7 on his list:  “Click, Click Ruby Slippers – There’s no place like home.”  But I am always humbled at his #1 wish every year, which is (as he spelled it) “Hope and not Dispare.”

"Life From The Milk Crate"


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